Opening & Closing

The starting point of all customization is each headlight will have the outer lens separated from the housing, the butyl sealant replaced with new butyl, and the outer lenses will be replaced with crystal clear new lenses to make sure your custom build can be seen! We pride ourselves on ensuring that pry marks are minimized during opening. 

Pricing for all headlight builds are as follows: Labor for all builds is $250. This includes new lenses or sanding and 2k clear coating original lenses. Basic paint work is $50. Plus the cost of parts for your build. Parts vary depending on the type of headlights and what customization you want done. To get a ball part of the price of parts, check out,, and

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*All prices below are the starting point for each customization and are subject to change depending on your options.


Get rid of the chrome! Each part has the chrome removed before being primed and painted. By default we paint your housing flat black, but other basic color options can be requested at no additional cost.

Body color matching is a terrific way to make your build stand out even more. Hydrodipping your shrouds is also avaliable.

Demon Eyes

Active Demon Eyes

Demon eyes are RGB LEDs that illuminate behind the projector. These are NOT your new low beams, and they will be easily overpowered by your low beams if both are turned on at the same time. To ensure longevity of your demon eyes, do NOT run them at the same time as your low beams. Heat is an LED’s worst enemy and will drastically shorten its lifespan.

Passive Demon Eyes

Passive demon eyes require disassembly on the projector and painting the cut off shield and solenoid. These will give a hint of color when the sun hits the lense. These are not viewable at night, and will make no difference to the output of your projector.

RGB Halos

Lets really make your build show. RGB Halos give you over 18,000 colors to choose from and control with your phone. Our RGB Halo’s default to white when activated, and have the option of also being switchback amber for blinker options.

Sequential Switchback LED Strip

A flexible switchback LED strip, with a chasing switchback turn signal feature. These strips are sure to catch the eye of others. White not quite as bright the switchback halos, the flexibility of these strips allow for awesome designs.

RGB Strips are also avaliable.

Lens Etching

Offered through The Retrofit Source and are only offered if you also replace the exiting projectors.

B-Xenon Retrofit

Get a true retrofit and upgrade your halogen projectors to Bi-Xenon HID’s. Two options are avaliable depending on which Mazda 6 you have. If your 6 came factory with HID's, we will replace the projectors with 4TL-R projectors to retain the D2S bulbs, which is the best option. If your 6 came with factory halogen bulbs we can use either the Mini H1 projector or the 4TL-R. While the 4TL-R is a far superior projector, the Mini H1 is no slouch.

For more information please look the FAQ page here.

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