Each built headlight is warrantied for 6 months for condensation. Have an issue? Tell us right away! Don’t hope that it’ll go away on its own. If the issue isn't reported immediately, we can only assume it happened recently. Minor condensation may happen, and is normal upon first install for the first few days. Continued use of the headlights and driving your car will dry out the headlights and promote air flow. Should the issue persist or get worse, please contact us.

Should they fail, individual pieces such as Angel Eyes, Demon Eyes, Led Strips, Projectors, Bulbs and Ballast are covered through manufacturers warranty, and will only be able to be warrantied once their guidelines have been followed. This may include returning the headlights for the part to be replaced, or if you so chose, you may be able to DIY. Please contact us if there is any issues on the individual parts.

The customer is responsible for shipping their headlights to M6 Customs for repair work, and, case dependent, for return shipping. M6 Customs is not responsible for any 3rd party shop installation/removal of headlights and/or wiring should the situation arise.

Each part (led, projector, hid bulb, ballast, etc) is inspected, and tested before installation and once again before shipping. Should a part fail due to incorrect installation or modification after receiving the completed lights, the customer may be responsible for up to 100% repair cost.

To reduce the chance of moisture accumulation, it is recommended that you ship your headlights with your bulbs still in the holders. The headlights will then be moisture tested with water sprayed on the headlights. If you do not send your bulbs, this test may not be able to be completed if the correct bulbs are not on hand.

Warranty is extended to the original purchaser.

*Aftermarket headlights, either replica or otherwise, will be handled case by case.  Many aftermarket headlights are poorly constructed and sealed differently than OEM lights, and may not be available for customization.  Buyer will be responsible for return shipping, and all parts ordered will not be refundable.


Shipping your lights

For customers that are not local and need to ship their headlights, there’s a few things you need to know.

1. The cost of shipping the headlights back to you is never known until I receive your headlights. It varies per size of the box you choose to send and the weight. A good way to get an estimate is to package your headlights and weigh it, then get a quote for shipping to Killen, AL 35645.

2. Package well ( no paper, only foam and thick bubble wrap), Insure, and Track your package! Don’t save $10 on shipping to damage your $1000 headlights!

3. Before your headlights are returned to you, your original Invoice will be updated to include shipping. Once it is paid, your lights will be shipped same or next day.



NO returns or refunds on any custom built to order headlights.

Our Parts

We only use the best parts in our headlight builds, as such we are distributors for The Retrofit Source, Colorwerkz and XK Glow.

We will NEVER use “clear out” “close out” “refurbished” or any variation part on your build unless expressly instructed by YOU as a cost saving measure. With that being said, should you choose this route, NO warranty for parts will be given to your parts.

Terms & Conditions

M6 Customs is not responsible for any damage caused to your vehicle, it’s headlights, or any injury that may result due to modification and/or improper installation of any product’s, or complete retrofit from our store. You should be aware that all modification to headlights may put them out of compliance with regulatory laws governing vehicle lighting in your city/province/country and therefore the products we sell are designed for off-road use only.